Mailing lists

There are two public mailing lists related to DFTB+:

  • DFTB+ user list:
    Join this list if you have questions about handling the code, or if you want to exchange information with other DFTB+ users or developers and to share your experience with DFTB+ with them.
  • DFTB+ announce list:
    Subscribe to this (read-only) list if you would like to be notified about new releases of DFTB+.

Issue tracker

Questions about handling the code should be posted to the DFTB+ User mailing list! (see above)

If you think to have found an issue with the code (e.g. a bug) or have a feature request, please use our issue tracker to report it.


DFTB+ comes on an as-is basis without official support. However, we have an active user community, so that problems can be discussed and are usually resolved in very short time.

If you plan to integrate DFTB+ into your software package, please contact us directly, so that we can eventually provide specific support to your efforts.